Mobile Burn Unit ("MBU")


The Mobile Burn Unit (MBU), which began its inaugural provincial tour in April 2010, is a complete standalone live fire trainer with fixed internal burn pads, external and internal mobile burn pads and rollover capability. The first of its kind in Atlantic Canada, this 53 foot unit is equipped with a second storey, interior and exterior stairways and a roof vent simulation unit.

Firefighters are challenged by the seven movable walls and forcible entry simulator that allow for multiple configurations making each run a new learning experience. In addition, the integrated smoke system allows for rapid black-out conditions, further challenging firefighters’ search skills.

To date, the MBU traveled over 30,000 kms, and trained almost 8,000 firefighters.  Dates are already being booked for 2018, so don't miss out on your opportunity for this unique training.  All of our MBU courses can be tailored to your department's specific needs.  We encourage you to contact us to inquire about what training best suits you! `


Host Area Requirements

In order to have a successful training session using the Nova Scotia Firefighters School's Mobile Burn Unit, the following items must be present:

  • Flat surface approximately 60' x 100'  
  • Reasonable access to water (2 separate sources as per NFPA 1403)  
  • Engine, pumper or Porta Tank  
  • Hose supply – 100 feet of 2 ½" and 150 feet of 1 ½"  
  • Students provide their own PPE and SCBA (NFPA compliant) 

Host Department/Area Expectations:

  • In order to have a successful training event, the host department/area must:  
  • Host the MBU for at least five (5) consecutive days  
  • Identify a representative who will work on logistics with the NSFS staff  
  • Have someone present to position the trailer when it is delivered and be on site when the trailer departs  
  • Provide a pumper and volunteer for each session  
  • Promote the training opportunity and involve your area departments  
  • Have students meet live fire prerequisites as per NFPA 1403

Host Information Package for 2018

Student Requirements

To participate in live fire training evolutions in the Mobile Burn Unit, students must meet the requirements of NFPA 1403 (Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions).  NFPA 1403 states that before participating in live fire training evolutions students must have previously taken the following subjects as per NFPA 1001:

1.      Safety

2.      Fire Behaviour

3.      Portable Extinguishers

4.      Personal protective equipment

5.      Ladders

6.      Fire hose, appliances and streams

7.      Overhaul

8.      Water Supply

9.      Ventilation

10.    Forcible Entry

To maximize training benefit and to ensure the safety of students and staff, please ensure these criteria are met.  Students who do not meet this criteria will be refused training.


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