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During  this  unprecedented time  we  understand the  need  to  stay  physically  distant so  we  adapted  our  program  delivery  so  that  you  can  continue to  receive the  training  you  want.  Check  out  the  programs  we  are  now  offering through  distance  or  self-paced  learning.

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Whether you are new to firefighting and are looking for intensive training to become a career firefighter, or you are looking to enhance your current firefighting and emergency response skills - NSFS is prepared to provide you with quality training to suit your needs. 

We encourage you to look through our website and discover what we have to offer. 



The Pre-Employment Program is a twenty-two week course offered once a year.  The first sixteen weeks is an intensive program which combines theory and practical training.  Following this training, there is an additional six weeks of on the job training at a fire department where the recruit responds with a career crew to real emergency calls.  By the end of the Program, the recruit will have gained valuable experience and confidence and is ready for a career firefighter position.

Live fire training can now be provided at the community fire department, thanks to Nova Scotia Firefighters School's Mobile Burn Unit (MBU).  The MBU is state-of-the-art standalone live fire trainer with fixed internal burn pads, external and internal mobile burn pads that has rollover capability.  Participants practice basic search and fire suppression techniques under the close supervision of school instructional staff. 

The Nova Scotia Firefighters School is dedicated to creating and maintaining programs and courses that are relevant to a wide array of fields and disciplines.  Although some of these courses can only be held at the School’s facilities in Waverley, Nova Scotia, most of our offerings can be taught off site at local fire departments or industrial locations throughout the Maritimes.

Why You Should Train With Us!!

Becoming a student through NSFS will have you join a community of tens of thousands of students and graduates. Nearing on over 65 years experience in fire and emergency training, we offer realistic training scenarios which will challenge you.  Our instructors are all seasoned firefighters and emergency responders who have walked the walk.  We are internationally accredited with both the ProBoard and IFSAC. 

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Firefighter I introduces the novice firefighter to the basics of firefighting as per NFPA 1001 Standard for Firefighter Professional Qualifications and Hazardous Materials Awareness per NFPA 472 Standard for Responders to Hazardous Materials Incidents. Student performance will be evaluated at each course level with written and often practical exams. The culmination will be the Nova Scotia Fire Services Professional Qualifications Boards Firefighter I Certification Exam.

Fire Fighter II is aimed at teaching the student how to function safely and effectively as an integral member of a fire fighting team. Successful students will be trained to perform fire fighting activities on emergency scenes with general supervision, as well requiring the student to maintain direct communication with a supervisor.  The culmination will be the Nova Scotia Fire Services Professional Qualifications Boards Firefighter II Certification Exam.





After decades of experience in fire service training, and at the request of industry, the Nova Scotia Firefighters School decided to fill the need for home grown, world class pre-service training.

The first Pre-Employment Program was offered to the public in February 2001.  Since, then the program has grown to be one of the best, most respected and successful programs in the country.

The program consists of sixteen weeks of on-site training and six weeks of on the job training.  The on-site training is a combination of classroom theory and practical application on our extensive fire ground.  The on the job training assignments allow the recruits to further develop their skills under the mentorship of an experienced crew and officer.  The recruits respond to real emergency calls for six weeks, gaining valuable experience and confidence.

Graduates of the Pre-Employment Program are employed in career departments throughout the country.

Mobile Burn Unit


Merchandise/Course Manuals


The Mobile Burn Unit (MBU), which began its inaugural provincial tour in April 2010, is a complete standalone live fire trainer with fixed internal burn pads, external and internal mobile burn pads and rollover capability. The first of its kind in Atlantic Canada, this 53 foot unit is equipped with a second storey, interior and exterior stairways and a roof vent simulation unit.

Firefighters are challenged by the seven movable walls and forcible entry simulator that allow for multiple configurations making each run a new learning experience. In addition, the integrated smoke system allows for rapid black-out conditions, further challenging firefighters’ search skills. 

Merchandise/Course Manuals

Executive/Board of Directors

Merchandise/Course Manuals


Welcome to our store! Have a browse through our and current manuals and clothing items. From textbooks and study guides, to our popular hoodies and tshirts, you should be able to find just about anything!

We encourage you to browse around the site. If there’s something that you can’t find, let us know and we’ll see if we can help get you what you are looking for.

We strive to offer the lowest prices and all revenue is used for the training of firefighters and other emergency service providers.

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Executive/Board of Directors

Executive/Board of Directors

Executive/Board of Directors


The Nova Scotia Firefighters School's Board of Directors is 29 members strong with representation from every county in our province, as well as the Fire Marshal, an FSANS rep and eight At Large members. The Board meets several times a year, either by conference call or in face-to-face meetings. The Directors relay the concerns of our Membership to the Executive and Administration of the School. 

Full and Part Time Staff

Executive/Board of Directors

Executive/Board of Directors


For over forty years the Nova Scotia Firefighters School has had full time staff to administer the various programs and services provided by the School.  In the last decade, our staff has grown from four “full timers” to fourteen.  If you need information, want to get enrolled in a course, or want to order a book, feel free to call upon us.  We’d be more than happy to help you out! 




The Nova Scotia Firefighters School is a non profit organization that has been in operation since 1967.

Through the County or Mutual Aid Associations, each county in the province elects or appoints a director to represent their county on the school’s Board of Directors.  Whether it’s a meeting or a conference call, the counties, through their directors, provide guidance in the operations of the school and relay concerns and ideas. That means equal representation for each area of the province and every fire department.  

We value your opinion!


You’re not alone
By paying a nominal fee of $100.00, your fire department registers your entire department as members.

You’ll save money
As a member, every person in your fire department will receive $10 off their training each time they take a course.   Your dues are recovered after just 10 members receive training!

You have a say
As a member, your department has representation at the NSFS annual meeting, where the “Directors at Large” and the Executive Committee are elected for the following year.   


Memberships are valid for one year starting on January 1st.  The cost is $100.00 per department.

Please contact the School for more information or click here for the membership application.

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